FEB 2018

Let It Glow

Avail of our Chinese New Year Deals and welcome the new year with ‘PAW’Sitive’ vibes!

NOV 2017

Let It Glow

Give yourself the Gift of Glow this Yuletide Season! Choose from among five (5) treatment bundles that promise to restore your radiant skin and youthful look in just 3 months:

- Whole Body Whitening Bundle
- Acne Scars Treatment Bundle
- Pigmentation Treatmnet Bundle
- Anti-Aging Bundle
- Anti-Aging Plus Bundle

MAY 2017

Make Time for Mom

Because Mothers deserve only the best, indulge her with the best gift you can give: your TIME. Make it even more special by treating her to a day of R&R. Free up one of your days and celebrate Mother’s Day with your Mom at Aesthetic Science Clinic so both of you can enjoy big discounts on selected facial treatments.

MAR 2017

Protect Your Skin From Premature Photoaging

Check out our Articles page to find out how too much sun exposure can age your skin prematurely and get some tips on how to protect your skin.

FEB 2017

Celebr8 8 with 8!

AS Makati is turning 8 on February 28, and we’re making it a d8 to remember with these 8 sweet deals for you. Its our way of being #gr8ful for your continued support and loyalty.

JAN 2017

Cock-a-Doodle-Doo… Pop out a Younger You!

Awaken the hot chick in you with any of our 12 rejuvenating and pocket-friendly deals. Revive that youthful glow and walk into any room feeling confidently beautiful and selfie-ready like a beauty queen. With a smoother and clearer skin to boost your self-esteem, you won’t ever have to chicken out of a romantic Valentine’s getaway.

DEC 2016

Rev Up Your Anti-Aging Regimen With Our Most Effective Newthera

The future of fighting the signs of aging has arrived. Our Newthera from South Korea delivers instant results and visible lifting after a single treatment. To see is to believe, so try it today.

AUG 2016

Take 10 Years Off Your Actual Age

Those eyebags and drooping eyelids make our faces look tired and worn. Our iLift and iBag surgical operations could take off 10 years from your actual age and would make you look younger. And as an added treat, we are throwing a 50% discount on Botox or a FREE FireXel or Ultra HiFi Rejuvenation treatment after your operation to make you look 15 years younger for real.

JAN 2016

Get A Lift

Lift those sagging facial contour and look younger with our Ultra HiFi in just minutes.Turn back the hands of time by using our state-of-the-art treatment Ultra HiFi and look younger after each session, minus the pain and no downtime. Available now in AS Alabang for as low as P8,000 per session.