Cleanings and facials are treatments that, purify and rejuvenate the skin to help minimize damage brought about by natural aging, sun exposure and other environmental pollutants. Each process begins with a thorough skin analysis by well-trained doctors, and aestheticians followed by a cleansing procedure, a gentle steam mist and a deep pore extraction. A facial mask and a massage may be included depending on the patient’s skin condition. Treatments should be done weekly or every two weeks. Our clinic offers an extensive array of cleanings and facials to suit all skin types and needs. Package:5+1

Glycolic Acid Cleaning

This is a deep and thorough cleaning of the face using various strengths of glycolic acid to exfoliate dead cells and other skin impurities. The effect is unclogged pores for easier extraction of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples and an improved control of oil production. This treatment is ideal for those with oily and acne prone skin.

  • 45 mins (P780)
  • Packaged with Diamond Peel (P1680)

Honey Almond Polish

A sweet smelling scrub is massaged over the entire face to get rid of dull and unwanted skin cells leaving your face fresh, smooth and totally renewed. This procedure is perfect for those with sensitive and irritated skin.

  • 45 mins (P780)

Scrape with Cleaning

This process creates clearer skin by minimizing age spots, signs of sun damage and fine facial hair. It involves a glycolic acid application followed by gentle scraping of the forehead, chin and cheeks using a scalpel. After a series of treatments those with dry, dull and blemished skin notice an improvement.

  • 45 mins (P780)

Teen Clean

Good skin starts at a young age. This educational facial not only thoroughly cleans the skin but also helps teenagers (and tweens too) to embark on a lifetime of healthy skin care by providing facts on acne and other skin problems.

  • 45 mins (P780)

Classic Facial

A facial that revitalizes the skin, leaving it completely refreshed and hydrated. Be pampered by our exclusive process beginning with an exfoliating treatment followed by a deep pore cleansing and capped with a soothing and relaxing massage of the face, shoulder and chest. A nourishing mask finishes this wonderful experience.

  • 1 hr 15 mins (P1080)

Herbal Enzyme Facial

An exfoliating non-chemical enzyme facial designed for sensitive skin. This is a wonderful treatment that uses digestive enzymes as its key ingredients to help dissolve dead skin cells and soften impactions in the follicle thus making extractions easier. A facial massage and mask application is followed by a luxurious and comforting massage of the shoulders, chest and back.

  • 1 hr 15 mins (P1280)

Men’s Facial

Designed for the special needs of a man, this facial focuses on cleansing, toning and gentle desquamation of the skin completed by a relaxing massage. This treatment addresses the over all skin condition of a man by targeting specific skin problems and soothing shaving bumps and irritation, leaving the skin healthier and smoother.

  • 1 hr 15 mins (P1280)


Scrape (P150)

KI Injection (P100/pc)


RF Face

For those who want to get that youthful glow and tone, this treatment is definitely for you. Radiofrequency technology is used to tighten sagging skin and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines as well. This is done as a series of treatments to maximize results. Go ahead and get that lift!

  • Prices start at P1280 (For the Face)
  • Package: 5+1

Kryo Rejuvenating Facial

This treatment uses the technology of cryoinfusion and cryoelectrophoresis wherein electric currents allow the infusion of vitamins and serums into the deep layers of the skin of the face and the neck area to give faster and immediate results of glowing and youthful skin. Problems such as uneven skin tone, loose and sagging skin, fine lines and superficial skin blemishes can be improved by this method of skin rejuvenation.

  • Price starts at P2500/session
  • Add-ons:
  • Stem Cell (P500)
  • Whitening, Vit C, PPC(P350)

LED Mask

Light Emitting Diode (LED) therapy uses the combined benefits of the following wavelengths of Light: Blue, Red, and Infrared Light to address skin conditions such as acne, signs of skin aging and other skin disorders. This is a 20-minute procedure that is safe, non-invasive and with no downtime at all.

  • 20mins (P800/session)
  • Packaged with Diamond Peel (P1700)
  • Package: 10 sessions (P5000)


The body, is more often than not neglected in our pursuit for beauty and total wellbeing. At Aesthetic Science, we extend to you our services for body rejuvenation to complement our facial treatments.

Body Scrub with Bleach

A relaxing body treatment for softer, smoother and lighter skin. A rich sea salt is blended with the finest oils that has exfoliating properties and is used to remove dead and unwanted skin. A bleaching agent is then applied all over the body. We recommended that this procedure be done as a series to optimize results.

  • 1 hour (P1080)
  • w/o bleach (P830)
  • Back Scrub(P780)

Body Scrub with Bleach and Massage

The perfect relaxation package for those who want smoother, lighter and even toned skin.

  • 2 hours (P1480)

Armpit Scrub with Bleach

For whiter and smoother underarms. This treatment begins by gently scrubbing the area followed by an application of a whitening mask. A direct galvanic current is utilized to ensure proper and faster penetration of the mask.

  • 20 mins (P680)

Activated Charcoal Scrub

Activated charcoal’s ability to absorb various toxins, debris, and microorganisms makes it a very powerful skin scrub. The Activated Charcoal Scrub uses primarily charcoal from coconut shells and made into a cream using coconut oil for easier application. It not only eliminates dead skin cells but clears even the bacteria and their toxins as well as the deep-seated microscopic grime, detoxifying the skin and allowing it to “breathe” and renew itself faster for fresher and younger looking skin.

  • 1 hour (P999)
  • Packaged with E-Detox (P1600)

Backcial or Chestcial

A thorough cleaning of the back or chest indicated for those with back or chest acne. Treatment starts with the application of exfoliating fruit acids to dissolve dead skin cells thereby unclogging pores and reducing breakouts. After a thorough extraction, a light chemical peeling of the back or chest is done to minimize marks and blemishes.

  • 45 mins
  • Half Back (P980)
  • Whole Back(P1680)


Kryo Sculpt is a procedure that can eliminate stubborn fats in the body through cold therapy using the process of electrophoresis and infusion. A fat-burning cream is infused into the target areas without the use of painful needles (no-needle mesotherapy) and is absorbed safely by the body. This treatment should be done weekly for at least 10 sessions together with a healthy and balanced diet and regular fitness regimen.

  • 30mins (P2000/session)
  • Package 5+5 (P15,000)

RF Body

A safe, painless and non-invasive therapy using heat energy to help reduce unwanted body fat. This treatment is ideal for body shape management and as an adjunct to other weight loss procedures. Works well in the abdomen, arms and legs. A minimum of 10 weekly sessions are recommended to achieve significant results.

  • 20-40 mins (P1500/area)

LipoSmash (with E-Detox)

Liposmash is a non-invasive procedure that breaks downs and ultimately destroys fat cells for good. It is safe, painless and may serve as a non-surgical option to liposuction. This treatment makes use of Ultrasound Cavitation technique wherein low frequency ultrasound waves create tons of microscopic air bubbles exerting pressure on the fat cells causing membranes to burst. Lymphatic drainage is included in the procedure for a more efficient elimination of fats.

  • 20min(P2499/session)
  • Package 5+5 (P18,000)


E-Tone is a system designed for men and women who have a desire to lose weight and/or reduce their figure measurement. This treatment is recommended as an adjunct to dieting and exercise. E-Tone will build up and maintain the muscle mass during the period of slimming.

  • (P1200/session)
  • Package: 10+2


For the improvement of cellulite with accompanying circumferential inch loss, we suggest you try E-Celluslim. This nonsurgical and non-invasive therapeutic option can provide body contouring, reduce thigh circumference, and smoothen the bumpy and dimpling appearance of skin

  • (P1200/session)
  • (P15800 for 15 sessions)


Working on the principle of muscle contraction using electronic currents, E-detox treatment aids in the removal of toxins, debris and harmful micro-organisms from the body. These toxic substances are directed towards the lymphatic system, where they are eventually flushed out of the body through lymphatic drainage. This procedure is normally done after the LipoSmash treatment but one may opt to have E-Detox only for purposes of detoxification.

  • 20mins (P1200/sessions)

Lava Stone Massage

Lava stones are volcanic rocks made of basalt that absorb and retain heat. These stones are placed on energy centers or key points in the body to heat up the body thus this treatment improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow, eases muscle and joint pains and relaxes the mind and body.

  • 80mins (P880/session)


Whole Body Massage 60 mins (P500)

Xiamen Foot Reflexology 45 mins (P250), 60 mins (P300)

Hand Paraffin (P150)

Back or Arm Massage 45 mins (P300)

Charcoal Scrub add on to Body Scrub (P500)

Galvanic Treatment for Armpit (P199)


Skin Peeling is a popular and effective treatment for facial rejuvenation. It ranges from the most superficial peels that require no downtime at all, to medium and even deep penetrating peels for those who are in need of a more serious rejuvenation. It is a well known fact that micro injuries to the skin, such as peeling, stimulate the formation of new and healthier skin cells leading to softer and smoother skin. Our peels are done by well trained medical doctors,nurses and aestheticians.

TCA Peel

A very light and superficial chemical peel that brightens and refines the skin. Great as an add-on after a cleaning procedure especially for those with oily and blemished skin.

  • TCA 10% Face(P280/session)
  • TCA 10% Face - 2 coats(P460/session)
  • TCA 20% Face (P330/ session)
  • TCA 20% Face - 2 coats(P560/session)
  • TCA 20% Whole Back (P800/session)
  • TCA 20% Whole Back - 2 coats (P1600/session)
  • TCA 20% Upper/Lower Back (P500/session)
  • TCA 20% Upper/Lower Back - 2 coats(P500/session)
  • TCA 10% Face & Neck (P460/session)
  • TCA 10% Neck/Nape (P280/session)
  • TCA 10% Underarm (P600/session)
  • TCA 10% Face & Neck (P460/session)
  • TCA 20% Neck + TCA 10% Face (P480/session)

Jessner’s Peel

Also a mild and superficial chemical peel recommended for those with dry and hyperpigmented skin. Helps to lighten superficial acne marks.

  • Face (P280/session)
  • Back (P380/session)
  • Whole Back (P680/session)

Peel Plus

A combination of chemical peels indicated to tighten pores and even out skin tone. Treatment is good for all skin types and maybe done weekly for four sessions.

  • Face (480/session)
  • Back (P780/session)
  • Chest (P880/session)
  • Whole Back (P1380/session)

Diamond Peel

This innovative non-chemical exfoliation treatment corrects the signs of aging and sun damaged skin with no downtime at all. It also helps in the improvement of acne scars and stretch marks. For optimal results, a series of treatments is advised. It is a safe and therapeutic approach to skin care when done in combination with other facial treatments.

  • Face (P1200)
  • Neck (P1000)
  • Face & Neck (P2000)
  • Back (P2500)
  • Chest (P2000)
  • Arms (P2000)
  • Underarms (P750)

Pumpkin Peel

Botanical facial with very mild exfoliation to achieve softer and smoother skin. This treatment uses plant-based acids, vitamins and minerals to hydrate and improve the appearance of aging and dehydrated skin. Done 1X to 2X a month.

  • 30-45mins
  • Face/Neck (P1800/session)
  • Face & Neck (P2800/session)